Alicia Bragalli

alie bragz

Alicia Bragalli, or Alie Bragz, grew up in a very active environment.  From the age of 10, she studied in a sport study program and did gymnastic intensively. This is about when her passion for sports started. Being also heavily influenced by her mother and her brother, who were respectively working as a fitness trainer and a bodybuilding trainer, Alicia quickly developed an interest in those fields. After only a few months of intensive bodybuilding training, she tried-out for some competitions at age 19. She won first place in the Quebec Open in 2015 in the lightweight bikini fitness category and qualified in the Canadian championship, thus pushing her to go yet further. She completed many fitness courses to get more specialised and then started her bachelors in kinesiology. Alie Bragz has now being training people for the past six years and is more passionate than ever. It has to be noted that she was rather noticeable as an out-of-the-ordinary trainer when she appeared on the August 2014 edition of Summum magazine!  She now lives out of her passion changing the lives of her clients and their friends and family sharing with them the joys of being healthy and well-balanced. Her only wish is now to give that passion for fitness she caught to others. Going way out of her comfort zone is what built her to be the strong woman she is today.  She is now an example to many and is willing to keep leaving her mark everywhere she goes. 





"Je suis un femme de 58 ans que dans le passé avait beaucoup de problèmes de santé causé par mon système immunitaire.  Durant une certaine période j'avais toujours des infections.  Mais avec le support et l’entrainement D' Alicia Bragalli j'ai retrouvé ma santé.  Je ne suis plus malade sans arrêt et en plus j'ai pu retrouvé une meilleure condition physique.  Je remercie Alicia du fonds de mon cœur.  Avec le temps nous avons formé une confiance et une amitié.  Alicia a toujours été a l'écoute de mes challenges de tous les jours. Elle m'a aidé à retrouver ma confiance. Avec elle j'ai pu dépasser mes limites et je suis reconnaissante. Elle est une entraineure professionnelle et je la recommande avec grand plaisir."

Wanda Chamberlain  58ans


"Alicia une coach en or !
Elle connait très bien son travaille, elle est professionnel . Elle te motive tellement que tu travailles encore plus fort pour te pousser à dépasser tes limites. Elle est pour moi un signe de persévérance, de motivation et de courage. Elle m'a poussé à atteindre un objectif qui était de perde du poids. J’ai perdu 30lbs grâce à elle, que jamais j’aurais pu atteindre seule. De plus, j’ai une coach qui est toujours là pour tout mes questions 24/7. En allant avec Alicia j’ai fais mon meilleur choix à vie! Merci d’être ma coach et d’être la femme que tu es."

Valérie Dussault   25 ans


"Depuis quelques temps, je ne me sentais pas super bien dans ma peau et je n'étais pas du tout en santé ni en forme. Alicia m'a donné envie de changer ça. Je lui est demandé de l'aide et elle l'a fait. Elle est toujours super confiante et m'encourage toujours à donnez mon maximum. Elle me donne envie de plus en plus de sortir de ma zone de confort et tout ça en ayant du plaisir! J'ai perdu 25lbs et jai pas envie de lâcher! Merci de m'encourager à tout les jours et de m'avoir permis de changer mes mauvaises habitudes."

Amanda Goncalves   26ans


"I was working in the nightlife/restaurant business for about 10yrs. I got overweight really slowly, around 10lbs per year. I gained 85lbs over time. I had so many bad habits and really NO discipline at all to make a change. I met Alicia and right away I knew she had the fire to kick my butt. I had all the excuses, all the reasons why NOT to do it. She was so intense in the beginning that I was feeling like a looser not listening to her. I hate feeling that way in general, I told myself; "I won't be that guy anymore!" I wanted to show her I was able to do it! The day I made the switch in my head to really do what she told me, my body and mind changed...rapidly. I was more focused, less tired all the time. It started showing on my body and people started to tell me it was good to see me taking care of myself! I went All In with her and her advice and lost 50lbs within 5 months. I, as of today lose 5-10lbs per month easily without even feeling like it's hard. She did that. She changed me. She showed me who I could REALLY be. Excuses are out the door now. Time to live the fullest of my capabilities and the longest time ever on this earth! I would never thank you enough Alie."

Nick Leger   30ans